Taylor Kitch-Ross
Architectural Designer


Bachelor of Environmental Design, University of Colorado at Boulder

Growing up in Evergreen Colorado, my head and heart were filled with a zeal for life! With a mother who never stopped moving, craved exercise, and was a successful lawyer, I quickly "developed" an extreme appreciation for the outdoors. I competitively ski raced for Ski & Snowboard Club Vail for eight years, followed by four more years of highschool ski racing. Along with skiing came affection for hiking, biking, and swimming! When I am in town, I am likely to spend my time outdoors doing any of these activities with friends and family. When I am out of town, I am likely to be exploring a National Park, or admiring the unparalleled beauty of Europe or Canada and taking the time to pick out the perfect sticker for each place I visit.


My grandmother was a painter and her creativite gene was passed down to me. The architecture career path was a way to live my life in honor of her by combining my favorite subjects (Math and Science) with the artistic talents that were passed down to me from her. I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and received my degree in Environmental Design where I fell deeply in love with architecture as a passion and it became so much more than an ode to my grandmother. I believe that all architecture should advocate for the human-experience, protect the planet, and share its history with the world. I intend to design with all three of these ideas in mind and create spaces that will respect and honor the beauty of our natural world and our humanity.

Taylor lives and works remotely in Denver.

F&M Architects
15 Kearns Road Suite D
PO Box 6762
Snowmass Village, CO 81615