Inna Campbell
Senior Interior Designer


B.A. Interior Architecture and Design, Academy of Art University: San Francisco Art School


Growing up in Europe I developed a strong appreciation for Architecture and Design at a young age. My passion drew me towards education in Architecture and Interior Design.  I firmly believe in harmony between aesthetic, function, and innovation in design. I respect classical forms and admire contemporary movements. I believe in creative designs that transcend through trends, styles and are resilient and timeless. I am naïve enough to strive for perfection yet understand the importance of embracing the beauty of the results that develop from unexpected challenges.

I hold education of this technical profession in high regard and continuously strive to expand my knowledge of not only innovative products, technologies, and techniques but developments and studies of how architecture and design effects and improves our ever-evolving lifestyles.

To me Architecture and Interior Design is not a trade, it is a functional art form that encompasses the essence of humanity: the fundamental needs of shelter, a profound desire to be surrounded by beauty, and millennia of human innovation in building techniques, technology, and cultural progression.

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